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July, 2021

Gale teaches class on TEACHING EDITING for the European Association of Creative Writing Programme's teacher training.



September, 2017

Gale Awarded a Special Prize
At his recent visit to the 54th Assembly of the Association of Writers of Serbia, Gale also read at the International Literary Festival at Indjija, and was awarded a Special Prize for his work.

July, 2017

Tutor at the first teacher training for the European Association of Creative Writing Programmes in France

A pioneering programme looking at "Writing from the Real" and the pedagogy of teaching creative writing. See photo below.



May 3rd, 2017



From Place to Place, ,Oxford

A poetry reading featuring Theophilus Kwek, Gale Burns, Dino Mahoney and Jennifer Wong, in Albion Beatnik, Oxford's best-loved independent bookshop. The reading celebrates the poet as a free-spirited traveller of places. Includes an open mic session.


May 10  and May 17

The Writer and the Poem, Kingston University

By looking at our story of writing and the life-story and physiology of a poem, we will develop your relationship to the work. Through exercises, examining published examples and some writing in class we will consider what you bring to the writing; what, for you, makes a poem; and what may allow a poem to have its own life.

Recent Readings

Reading at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (Nov 2019)

Chisenhale Dance Space Benefit (Sept 2019)

Outloud Poets, launching Beds in the East (Aug 2019)

Uncut Poets, Exeter (July 2019)

The 1st Collections Shuffle, with Abigail Parry and others (June 2019)

Down to Earth Spoken Word Festival (June 2019)

The Filthy Quiet Charity Launch with Kate Noakes (June 19)


Bucharest International Poetry Festival. (May)

Sydenham Poetry, with Raymond Antrobus and Jo Bell (March)

Oxford Brookes, with James Arthur and Natalie Whittaker (Feb 2019)

Kirkdale Bookshop. An evening with Gale Burns (Jan 2019)

Shuffle on Tour, with Jenny Wong, in Dulwich (November 2018)


Getting a special award at the 2017 Indjuja International Lieterary Feestival in Serbia.

Teaching in Moulin D'Ande, Normandy at the first Association of Creative Writing Programme's teacher training.

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